Denying Your Loved One’s Addiction

When you suspect that someone you love is addicted to alcohol or other drugs, confronting the problem head-on is the last thing you want to do. You may not want to admit the problem, or hope that if you ignore it, everything will go away. Unfortunately, that’s not how addiction works. Without treatment, addiction will only get worse. The best way to ensure the health and well-being of your loved one, yourself, and your family, is to help your loved one find treatment in an addiction treatment center.

As a loved one begins to exhibit warning signs of an addiction, it’s easy to minimize, rationalize, and explain away any questionable actions. To admit that your brother, dad, or sister has a drug addiction would mean you’d have to confront the problem and try to find a solution. It’s much easier to say that they are too stressed out at work, are just trying to unwind, or are going through another bout of flu. And you can excuse drug use by saying that they’re only using on weekends or in the evening, and they’re functioning at work, so they must not be addicted. Many people are also bogged down by shame. In today’s society, hearing that someone is going to drug rehab is still a cause for shock among ignorant people, and the stress and gossip can be hard to bear for the family of the person in recovery, leading them to go to great lengths to hide the addiction.

Although it may seem like hiding the addiction is helping, pushing addiction aside or covering it up is a form of enabling. Parents and siblings of addicts who deny the addiction only serve to help it fester and grow. By telling lies, supplying money and a place to stay, and sweeping the issue under the rug, enablers are only hurting the person who’s addicted. If an active addict is not confronted about their use, they may never admit they have a problem, and may progress to debilitating addiction and even death.

Though admitting the problem is extremely hard, taking action is the best choice in the long run. Many people need professional help from an addiction treatment facility to achieve long-term sobriety. Families of those in recovery can also find help and support from many addiction recovery programs or organizations like Al-Anon. Together, you can work through this.

If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction, end the denial now. Please call or email our American Drug Testing Centers to learn about our luxury drug rehab program where clients recover in peace and privacy. Our experienced and caring staff are qualified to treat dual diagnosis and provide safe, supervised detoxification. During treatment, clients attend individual and group meetings, dig into the root cause of their addiction, and cultivate a sober, supportive network of mentors and peers. And when treatment is complete, clients leave with the tools they need to fight cravings and avoid relapse. Please contact us today to change a life.


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